To Whom it May Concern,

The purpose of this letter is to recommend Kamloops Smart Homes for employment as audiovisual, network and or smart house systems installations.

Ray and Kamloops Smart Homes possess excellent audiovisual and network skills necessary to plan, install and administer any size project. The work KSH has done in our smaller home motivated us to hire them for a much larger custom project in our new home. This latest project was considerably larger and required skill, patience and understanding to provide us with what we needed and wanted. KSH handled this with ease!

During the last four years, Ray and KSH have and continue to provide us with exceptional service. This is due to their ability to quickly comprehend difficult tasks. Kamloops Smart Hoems is a unique company with a positive attitude, which can complete a project with little oversight or direction and on budget.

We have been very happy with both product and service. We would highly recommend Kamloops Smart Homes to any customer wanting a customized unique audiovisual, home network and or smart house package.

Perry Vitoratos, DDS, BSc

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